CORE Commercial Real Estate is Your Trusted Business Partner

Our Philosophy

The CORE Commercial Real Estate Team is dedicated to building long term relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to build trust, honesty, professionalism and performance.

As exclusive landlord and tenant representation agents, we are consultants to our client, representing our client’s interests in all areas of the transaction, including extensive property analysis, aggressive marketing, leasing recommendations, active co-brokerage activities, regular reporting and continual attention to detail. We have developed and nurtured a Full Service Boutique Commercial Real Estate Brokerage. Clients needs are the primary focus of our services.

Commercial Leasing – Why use a broker?

The importance of negotiating favorable terms in a commercial lease cannot be overstated, especially in today’s business climate. Just as important is that commercial landlords and their tenants have a clear understanding of the terms of the lease that they will be bound by. The stakes are high in the commercial context, and misunderstandings regarding seemingly innocuous details such as the parties’ respective obligations over common area maintenance, compliance with local, state and federal ordinances and laws, the rights of a tenant regarding sub-leasing and the rights and obligations of a landlord with respect to adjacent businesses can have a powerful impact on the future of any business’ bottom line. At CORE Commercial Real Estate, we focus on our client’s business goals when drafting, reviewing and negotiating commercial lease terms.

Today, many businesses are faced with potential failure and are looking for creative ways of staying in business – creative ways that may conflict with lease terms agreed to three, five or even ten years ago. Some tenants simply cannot afford to keep up with their lease payments, and hope that their landlord might absorb some of the losses. Whatever the circumstances, the first best protection for tenants in avoiding potential conflicts is to have clearly defined and clearly understood lease terms. A well-crafted commercial lease is critical to successful planning and operation of any business whether it be a sprawling commercial development or the owner of a small business or a medium sized company leasing space in a building.

At CORE Commercial Real Estate, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their business goals are met. We understand that all businesses are first and foremost concerned with their “bottom line”, and we recognize that the “bottom line” is impacted by legal costs and fees. We are committed to providing our clients efficient and cost effective legal representation without sacrificing quality and personal service. There is no charge for our services. Obtaining results in an efficient and cost effective manner is our first priority. Client satisfaction and long term associations are more important to us than short term gains.

About CORE

CORE Commercial Real Estate is a commercial real estate advisory firm that exclusively represents business owners. It is our mission to deliver superior results to our clients by positioning you on an equal playing field with landlords.


Recent Testimonials

I’ve always appreciated the work that both Sean and Michael do for me. Working with professionals matters!

Drake Smithersfield

These guys are professionals you can count on. For the most part, surprises are a thing of the past. Negotiations are clear and fair. And the entire process is actually an enjoyable thing.

Thomas Blakely

CORE is our preferred choice when it comes to local Commercial Real Estate assistance. We know we’re in good hands with these guys!

Jeremy Dundee